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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Charter Review Committee Charter Review CommitteeCouncil Chambers  
Citizen Advisory Board Citizen Advisory BoardCouncil Chambers7 
Citizens Tax Oversight Committee Boards and Commissions 3 
City Council City CouncilCouncil Chambers7 
Code Enforcement Board Code Enforcement BoardCouncil Chambers5 
CRS Floodplain Management Plan Committee Boards and CommissionsDevelopment Services Conference Room7 
Environmental Advisory Board Environmental Advisory BoardCouncil Chambers5 
Fire Pension Board of Trustees Boards and Commissions 2 
Historic and Architectural Preservation Board Historic and Architectural Preservation BoardCouncil Chambers6 
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Parks and Recreation Advisory BoardCouncil Chambers6 
Planning Commission Planning Commission Council Chambers7 
Police Pension Board of Trustees Boards and Commissions 5 
Public Art Advisory Board Public Art Advisory BoardCouncil Chambers3 
Public Workshop Public WorkshopCouncil Chambers  
Special Magistrate for Code Enforcement Special Magistrate for Code EnforcementCouncil Chambers  
Technical Review Committee Boards and CommissionsCouncil Chambers  
Utility Rate Stakeholder's Work Group Boards and CommissionsUtilities Administration Conference Room, 200 N. Warfield Ave.